Challenge students with the Safe-by-Design Serious Game to broaden their safety awareness with safety considerations of a technical, societal, social, ethical and legal nature. The students will discuss this with each other in search of creative ways to tackle the challenges.

How to play the game

In the downloads you find the development board of your prototype in which
you dress the challenge to develop a solution for the societal problem that is safe by its design, ethically acceptable an (minimally) compliant with the needs, demands and wishes of the variety of stakeholder involved in or affected by .

  1. The board contains the phases of the stagegate model (center) and interventions (sides).
  2. Start the game by writing down your actions during the different development phases in  the corresponding phase on the game board.
  3. While working on your prototype development you will face challenges. How? You receive Problem Cards, representing a problem you  need to address and respond to.
  4. Information Cards can be requested to gain more insights in the options  provided at the Problem Card to address the problem. Deliberate which choice is best to develop your prototype Safe-by-Design
  5. Write your choice to address the problem in the corresponding box and write down the arguments resulting in this choice.
  6. After a choice is made a Response Card will be provided to you, describing the resulting consequences.  Continue working on the development of your prototype, and don’t forget to include the new insights and  impacts obtained as a result of addressing the Problem Card in the design and development.

End game: After one hour, working on this game board stops and the debriefing starts. The total amount of points earned in the category system awareness and uncertainty reduction indicate the change of a successfully developed prototype. 

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