The webinar provides a good starting point for students on incorporating Safe-by-Design into their  projects right from the start. The webinar offers background information on the importance of Safe-by-Design and hands a method that systematically helps to identify and address safety issues right from the start. The webinar addresses iGEM projects specifically, but integration in a MSc or PhD course is very well possible. Students are asked to visualize the lessons learned in an infographic. In this way the infographic has it use to support the teacher/coach in their role as a ‘socratic coach’ during the process.

Webinar Safe by Design in iGem projects

This is a summary of the RIVM webinar Safe-by-Design. The speakers are Julie Ng-A-Tham, moderator, Sam Krouwel, Safe by Design educational specialist at RIVM and CŽcile van der Vlugt, biotechnology and safety expert at RIVM. They explain how to incorporate the safety component in your iGEM project, following the Safe-by-Design method.

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