This material can be of interest to you, as environmental safety is important when working with biotechnology.  This document will help you understand why the environmental safety aspect of biotechnology is important, explain how you can assess safety, and give you insight into the regulations that apply to your current and future activities with biotechnology.

For whom:

MSc and PhD students and researchers interested in safety biotechnology.

What is to be learned:

  • Know what environmental concerns biotechnology may lead to in the lab and in the field.
  • Understand the need for and logic of the environmental safety framework for biotechnology.
  • Understand the principles of a risk assessment.
  • Understand how in general the safety framework is translated into regulation.
  • Understand that biotechnology may raise concerns beyond environmental concerns.

Each section ends with a summary of the key elements in the section.


  1. Safety of biotechnology  with a focus on the environment (pag. 4 - 9)
  2.  Addressing the risks from biotechnology: from adverse effect to negligible risk (pag. 10-19)
  3. GMO regulation
  4. New developments  challenge safety

Click on the image below to open the Safety framework clickable PDF.   

Safety framework

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